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Jackson Snyder

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Jackson Snyder was called to preach as a youth under A. A. Allen’s Miracle Ministry of the 1960s. An entertainer for 10 years, Snyder put in 25 years as a pastoral minister and sacred musician. Never feeling comfortable with some church teachings, he acquired bachelors’ degrees in computer and psychology, going on to received a masters’ in Divinity emphasizing Intertestamental Studies. On the web since 1995, he was awarded a Doctorate degree in Humane Letters. Retiring in 2005, he founded the Essene Yahad movement, which has grown tremendously since. Jackson Snyder Presents features scriptural teaching, apocrypha, music, humor, and his sidekick, the old Ukranian freedom-fighter Bogdan G. Schruumkoff. JSP is a variety show. Once one gets through the “shtick”, one becomes thoroughly “enter-trained” by the show’s deep, obscure and anointed teachings.

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