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The Controversial Topics Forums:
    Legalized Prostitution
    The Islamization of American Schools
    Black and White Nationalism
    Predictions for 2020
    WTF – Filthy & Vulgar Language
    Sex Education in the Schools
    Marriage, Sex and the Torah   Part 2

Hearing Voices Series:
    Interview with the World Christian Dr. Peter Snyder
    Dementia and Spirituality
    Interview with a Heroin Addict
    Kimmy Snyder, Headhunters from Hell
    The Schizophrenic World

Sermons, Narrations and Conversations:
    That Tall Guy with the Beard Bird
    Shabbat Double Header: Elders Staten & Regesh
    Some Lost Moments with Yahshua
    Dr. Nicoll, Until You Take of Your Clothes …
    The Love Joint with Michael Windom
    Kenneth Kimmons: Walking and Talking
    Ray Boshers on Civility and Vengeance
    Regesh: On the Edge

Moses & Akhenaten: Biblical v. Egyptian Chronology:
    Ahmed Osman Chronology and Review
    Ahmed Osman Chronology Part 2
    Ahmed Osman Chronology Part 3
    Ancient Origins: The Akhenaten Connection
    Moses Restored Part 1
    Moses Restored Part 2

Exegesis and Analytical Thinking:
    Andrew Carlson: Scribal Interpolations and Deductions Part 1
    Andrew Carlson: Scribal Interpolations and Deductions Part 2
    Critical Thinking and the Five-Legged Stool (video)
    Paul the Obscure: Bible Names Games 53
    Shalome & Prisca: Bible Names Games 54