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JSPresents Shows September & October 2020

The 364-day Enoch / Zadokite / Old Temple Festival Calendar
The Perfect 364-day Festival Calendar
Ezekiel’s 364-dayFestival Calendar 
The Zadokite Calendar – Paolo Sacchi
The 364-day and the Luni-Solar Calendars 
The 364-day Calendar Club Forum 

364-day Calendar PDF Pack (zip) (Many Scholarly Articles)
The Seventh Day to the First Day – Why?  Plus the Curse of Jesus

Guide to the Millennium
The Last Great Day and the 8th Day
Millennium: What and Who

Millennium: When?

Millennium: How?
Millennium and Technology (to be linked later)

The Mark, 1 – 4  Maurice Nicoll, Esoteric Christianity
The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles – Full Audiobook (14 hours)

Topics and Shorts
How Then Shall We Live?  Carsten Peter Thiede and the DSS
The Slotha Maran – Master’s Prayer – Aramaic
Old Methuselah – Found in a Nursing Home
Why Paul Silenced Women – Roman Law?
The Bridge Over Time: The Power of Ritual

Here’s Marcelle!  All Prayer Part 1, Elder Marcelle Logue
All Prayer Part 2 (Lesson Starts at 11:10)
Emerson Moe Interviews Dr. William Schnoebelen

Q & A with Andrew Carlson (questions sent in by listeners are answered each Friday)
Session 1   Session 2   Session 3   Session 4   Session 5   Session 6
Session 7.1
Session 7.2 with Conspiracy Theory

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