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Hebrew Nation Radio provides Biblically based broadcasting that equips our listeners with answers that can assist with life challenges.

Hebrew Nation Radio looks to provide peace in a chaotic world through fellowship, quality programming and Yahweh’s (God’s) Word.

Hebrew Nation Radio seeks to restore God’s People to His Kingdom by providing encouragement and information regarding the promises and commands of Yahweh (God) as exemplified through the Messiah—Yeshua (Jesus Christ).

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What's a Hebrew?

Abram was born in the city of Ur in early Babylon—His father sold idols. We find that Abram’s genealogy goes back to a man named Eber-a great-grandson of Noah. The designation of “Hebrew” refers to the fact that Abram descended from Eber and that he came from the “other side” (ever) of the Euphrates River.

The term Hebrew takes on a meaning of “crossing over” which is exemplified through Abram’s life’s journey. He was a man who no longer wanted to follow the ways of an idol-worshipping culture. Instead, he was a person who crossed over to seek God with all his might. Gen. 14:3

The modern-day connotation of a Hebrew is that Hebrews are Jewish. But as can be found in Scripture, Abram is not so restricted. Instead, Abram becomes Abraham—a father of many nations and believers in a Living God.

From our perspective, Hebrews are people who choose to leave the culture of idol worship in order to seek Truth. They choose to seek God’s instructions and to believe in His Promises. They seek the Kingdom of Elohim, Yahweh, God. They are people who are learning to trust, believe, and to hope. Welcome to Hebrew Nation: His Kingdom, His People, His Promise.

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Calming Harp Episode #123

In Psalm 27 David expresses his great desire to be in the House of the Lord. What did this “House” offer him? In this episode, we will consider how our Heavenly Father sets aside places and times for us to come apart...

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