Have you ever thought about the question: Who am I and why am I here? Since I was seven years old I have been asking: who am I? and why am I here? You may have to search in all the wrong places till you come to yourself. After trying to justify my existence from being the best I could be in sports, to being the best in sales, to being the best in other vanities . . . yes the older I become, the less that the worldly things matter.

As the story goes, a farmer left his small farm to search the world for riches and fame. He was gone for forty-five years. Came home broke and alone to his farm to die. He noticed the hard black rock that had been placed on the fireplace mantel by his grandfather, found in the creek behind the old farmhouse. Being broke, the farmer hoped he might find someone in town who would give something for that old black rock. Walking into town on his way to the general store, he happened to pass his old friend who was now the rabbi. They greeted and were so pleased to see each other after so many years. As the farmer tells his story of his search for riches and fame and his return home to rest, the rabbi asks, “Why are you in town?” The farmer tells him about having no money and how he had brought this rock to determine its value. The rabbi said, “Let me see it.”  He paused for several moments, then said, “My great-grandfather was a diamond cutter in the old country, and this is a diamond in the rough.”

What we want to do is help you find the diamond that is in your heart. It may be in the rough, but I have found many wonderful diamond cutters who will help you chip away and unravel that diamond scroll: the one Y’shua said He would write on our hearts. So my purpose for being here is to bring the Torah (His righteous instruction) to you and from you to the nations.

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