Jackson Snyder Presents Events of December, 2019 – January 15, 2020. 

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Premium Very Controversial Revelations – Free to supporters of HNR

       Why Jesus Did Not Celebrate Hanukkah (John 10, 1 & 2 Maccabees)


Moses Restored, A Review of the Book by Perrin, host Allyson Gary:

    Episode 1   Is Moses Really Akhenaten?  Was Akhenaten Really Moses?

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5


The Controversial Topics Forums with Joseph Dumond:

    Sabbatical / Jubilee Year, host Joseph Dumond

        Episode 1

        Episode 2

        Episode 3 also with J. Ray Boshers “Vengeance”

     2300 Days of Hell with Joseph Dumond

        Episode 1

        Episode 2



   with Jesse Snyder (1) “A Chinese Education.  Then What?”

   with Jesse Snyder (2) “Nuclear Fishin'”

   with Jesse Snyder (3) “Beautiful Machine”

   with Peter Snyder (1) “Winning Over Asia”

   with Peter Snyder (2) “Where is the Supernatural?”

   with Steven Simpson (1) “Robert Eisenman”

   with Steven Simpson (2) “The Amarna Hypothesis”

   with Chris Crutchfield “Big City Producer”


What Else?

   The Pathway to Better Speaking and Preaching  Ray Boshers

   Do Unto Your Animals As . . .    Jackson Snyder

Jackson Snyder Presents Events of November, 2019

The Controversial Topics Forums:

    Legalized Prostitution

    The Islamization of American Schools

    Black and White Nationalism

    Predictions for 2020

    WTF – Filthy & Vulgar Language

    Sex Education in the Schools

    Marriage, Sex and the Torah   Part 2


Hearing Voices Series:

    Interview with the World Christian Dr. Peter Snyder

    Dementia and Spirituality

    Interview with a Heroin Addict

    Kimmy Snyder, Headhunters from Hell

    The Schizophrenic World


Sermons, Narrations and Conversations:

    That Tall Guy with the Beard Bird

    Shabbat Double Header: Elders Staten & Regesh

    Some Lost Moments with Yahshua

    Dr. Nicoll, Until You Take of Your Clothes …

    The Love Joint with Michael Windom

    Kenneth Kimmons: Walking and Talking

    Ray Boshers on Civility and Vengeance

    Regesh: On the Edge


Moses & Akhenaten: Biblical v. Egyptian Chronology:

    Ahmed Osman Chronology and Review

    Ahmed Osman Chronology Part 2

    Ahmed Osman Chronology Part 3

    Ancient Origins: The Akhenaten Connection

    Moses Restored Part 1

    Moses Restored Part 2


Exegesis and Analytical Thinking:

    Andrew Carlson: Scribal Interpolations and Deductions Part 1

    Andrew Carlson: Scribal Interpolations and Deductions Part 2

    Critical Thinking and the Five-Legged Stool (video)

    Paul the Obscure: Bible Names Games 53

    Shalome & Prisca: Bible Names Games 54