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Featuring the work of the Vero Yahad Scholars:
Professor Gregory Smith (SC), Elder Kenneth Kimmons (SC), Elder Marcelle Logue (TN),
Elder Jesse Shober (PA), Deaconess Lis Goodwin (Ukraine), Dr. Mark Heston (WA),
Bishop Emeritus Daniel ben Regesh (TN) and Interpreter Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II (FL),
Missions Director Emerson Moe (CA) & Valerie Mangeot (GA)
Liturgists: Deacon Steve Maguire (OK), Deacon Jeremiah Brown (TX), Deacon Hope Brown (TX)
ONLINE SHABBAT SERVICE at 11 AM ET – ZOOM to www.theYahad.com   Contact at Yahad.me

FREE Audiobook – The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles – 14 hours

February 2021 – June 15 2021

Calendar Documents (PDF) – Scholars Speak as One
Norman Gray Old Temple (Zadokite) Calendar
Excerpts – Biblical Archaeological Society
Excerpts – James Vanderkam
Excerpts – Paulo Sacchi
Excerpts – Jonathan ben Dov & JSTOR
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Ancient Sermons 100 BC – 100 AD and Services
The Great Exhortation from the Community (Yahad) Rule 1 QS
The Great Exhortation from the Damascus Document CD
The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached – Commonly Known as 2 Clement (excerpts) 
Another Great Sermon from Clement of Rome and the Nazarene Acts (Coming Soon)

Continuing Ministry Education
Bible Quiz on the Fly
Shmikhah / Ordination, Part 1
Shmikhah / Ordination, Part 2
Reframing in Pastoral Care – A New Way to Solve Others’ Problems
Obscure Texts Examined by Students Unfamiliar with Them
Case Histories Procedure – How to Journal Your Acts of Ministry
The Snyder Pentalateral – How to Judge Righteously Every Time
Comparing Unhealthy Enneagram Types with DSM IV Mental Disorders

Festival Messages and Services
Yiztor – The Jewish Memorial Service with Shoter Jesse Shober
Pentecost Shavuot Service Liturgy
Pentecost Message – “Two Loaves, Two Houses” Shoter Jesse Shober
Compassion International Service – Mvqr Marcelle Logue
Purim Paradox – Dr. Mark Heston  Esther is an Apocalypse!
Love Punch!  Tough Love is Real Love – Jackson Snyder
Achieving Unity in Diversity – Prof. Smith – Best Message on Romans 12 ever
Drink, Pitch or Pour – A Communion Paradox – Dr. Heston
Who is For You and Who is Against You – Dr. Snyder

Controversial Topics
The Schmaccinated – New and Shocking Covid Vaccine Warnings, Lis Goodwin
The Male / Female Inversion – Trends in Godless Culture, Lis Goodwin
Nero Divivus – Bar Kosiba – Son of Man
Dives in Hades, Part 1   Dives in Hades, Part 2   Yahshua Exegetes a Greek Myth
The Life and Sad Death of Moses Shapira – Scholars Killed Him, Part 1
The Life and Sad Death of Moses Shapira – Scholars Killed Him, Part 2

Enochian Calendar Podcasts
364-day Calendar, Part 1
364-day Calendar, Part 2
364-day Calendar, Part 3


The Latest from Dr. William Schnobelein
Road Warrior, Jesse Miller – Part 1   Road Warrior, Jesse Miller – Part 2