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   Bible / Egyptian Chronology of Ahmed Osman with Allyson 1, 2

   Bible / Egyptian Chronology of Ahmed Osman with Allyson 3

   Bible / Egyptian Chronology of Ahmed Osman with Allyson 4

   Bible / Egyptian Chronology, New from Ancient Origins

   Proper Hebraic Living with Yakov Israel, Holy Mountain

   Hearing Voices: Interview with a Heroin Addict

   Hearing Voices: Living with Paranoid Schizophrenia

   Sabbatical Year Eschatology with Joseph Dumond

   ControForum: Black / White Nationalism?

   ControForum: Islamization of American Schools?

   ControForum: Legalize Prostitution? Yea or Nay?

   ControForum: Gotta Love 5G Microwave!

   ControForum: Population Explosion?

   ControForum: Your Calendar or Mine?

   Michael Windom’s Love Joint Ministry

   Andrew Carlson: Higher Criticism and Scribal Modifications

   Ray Boshers:  Sermons: Love, Civility and Vengeance

   Bishop Regesh: Forum: Marriage and Sex in Hebrew Roots

   Bishop Regesh: Shemini Azret & On the Edge

   Jackson Snyder: Fishy Wedding, Historical Fiction

   Jackson Snyder: Jude the Obscure: Paulos & Saulos

   Jackson Snyder: Jude the Obscure: Shalome & Prisca

   Jackson Snyder: Easy Hermeneutics and the Stool of Five Legs

   Esoteric Christianity: The Mark, Take Off Your Clothes

   Kenneth Kimmons: Walkin’ and Talkin’ with Yahshua