Jackson Snyder Presents November 2020 – February 2021

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We do so many shows each week that to keep the work down, we post the shows quarterly.  Please contact me if you wish by surfing to the form at http://Yahad.me or visit our site at http://veroyahad,org.



Besides these many and varied presentations, we offer the ancient service liturgies every Shabbat at 11 AM ET, with a new speaker each week of the month.  To attend, load up the ZOOM meeting client and ZOOM to http://theyahad.com at the proper time.
Other live events: First Day, 8 PM ET, we play challenging online games in order for us to get to know each other better (since our congregation is spread out all over the US and Canada).  Second Day, 8 PM ET, “Let’s Talk About It” – an open forum for presenting difficult passages in the Bible, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha hosted by Mvqrim Marcelle Logue and  Jackson Snyder.  Fourth day is optional; Shoter Emerson Moe interviews interesting persons of the Hebraic faith.  The most recent being “Yonatan the Hebrew Nazarite” and “Dr. Bill Schnoebelen.”  Sixth Day at 9 PM ET is “Questions and Answers with Andrew Carlson,” a young Biblical literature savant who answers  questions emailed in the previous week.  Then the 7th Day, we start all over again.
Many of our presentations include Power Point etc.  If you find one you like here and want to see if thee is a visual guide that goes with it, surf over to http://YouTube1.org – that’s us!  Finally, all the presentations – 800 or more, are ALL here: http://JSPresents.org.  May YHWH greatly bless the hearers and supporters!

Interviews The Emerson Moe Show
Yonatan – My Life as a Hebrew Nazarite   Part 2

Purim Paradigm – The Apocalypse of Esther – The Detox Whisperer
Purim Paradigm – Part 2  (also Q and A 021921 part 2)

Topics this time period
The Q-Delusions – Professor Smith
Quest for the Historical John
In America:  Communism 1   1-2    Communism 2
Nazi-ism and Speech Freedom (Second Segment on this Recording)
Politics and Faith in America 1   Politics and Faith in America 2  (Bishop Regesh)
Communion Training
The True Vine  (Elder Marcelle Logue)
Messianic Revolution – Was Yahshua a Pacifist?
Life and Death with Marion Spell Part 1  Part 2
The Commandments for Church Folks
A Bit ‘o the Bitcoin  (Emerson Moe)
The Resurrection of the Dead and the Life to Come  (with Marcelle Logue)
Extra Light on the Sabbath (Dr. Detox-Whisperer)
Thanksgiving, Sin and Grow Rich

Calendar – Volume 2  (Volume 1)
How Long a Day?-1  How Long a Day?-2  (Matthew Parrott)
364-day Calendar Project 1  Calendar Project 2  Calendar Project 3  (more to come)

Q & A with Andrew Carlson – Volume 2  (Volume 1)
(questions received from listener during the previous week are answered each Friday)
021921-1  021921-2  (also Purim Paradigm, Part 2)
021221-1  021221-2
020521-1  020521-2
121720-1  121720-2
120520-1  120520-2 (Sermon by Elder Kenneth Kimmons, second part)
112020-1  112020-2
111320-1  111320-2-1  111320-2-2

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