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September 2020

Here are your September Events from the Vero Yahad Alliance Ministries
Opportunities for Praise, Worship, Teaching and Prayer
You are invited to take part right at home – ONLINE!

How to join the events:

   Download and install the free ZOOM Teleconferencing Client from here.
At the proper time, surf to or
call in (408) 638-0968, enter meeting ID 240-482-4530.

Tuesday Solar Feast Calendar Questions and Answers (+ Other Topics)

  September 8, 8 PM ET – Sponsored by the Vero Yahad

Presentation and hand-out materials on the Enochian Calendar provided.  Presenting the earliest Temple Festival Calendar described in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Jubilees and the Book of Enoch.  Free of charge, easily understood, sources and hand-outs provided and all questions answered to your satisfaction.  Other topics and requests on subsequent Tuesday Evenings.  With Norman Gray and Jackson Snyder.


Wednesday Midweek Seminar and Q & A

  September 9, 8 PM ET – Sponsored by Congregation of Elohim NYC

This week’s presentation by Jackson Souffrant of COENYC. Subject: “When Does the Sabbath Day Begin,” including the restoration of the true “Holy Week” and exposition of the Resurrection occurring on the 7th day.  Discussion follows, and your questions answered.  New topics and presenters each week.


Friday Prayer, Scripture and Apocrypha, with Q & A

  September 11, 8:30 PM ET – Sponsored by New Earth Restoration

Prayer for families, spouses, children, government, healing and deliverance begins at 8:30 PM ET.  At 9:10 Yah willing, Richard Kronjaeger facilitates discussion of the ancient Apostolic Constitutions manuscript.  Materials are free of charge. 


Shabbat Weekly Online Worship Services, Every Week!

  September 5 and all Shabbatot After

11 AM ET – Liturgical Service, Hebrew and English, Rotating Speakers

12 PM ET (noon) – Contemporary Service, Prayer, Praise and Testimonials

Rotating speakers include Kenneth Kimmons, Jackson Snyder, Ray Boshers, Jackson Souffrant, Mark Heston, Sean Lewis, Andrew Carlson – and guest speakers.


Sunday Special Event, Chag Yahshua Service & Festival of the Maccabees

   September 13, 8 PM ET – Sponsored by the Alliance of Ministries

Liturgical service in Hebrew and English, special speaker, Dr. James Trimm.  All Invited to worship.


Check out our popular Youtube ( site for over 700 enter-training audio/video lessons covering about anything you can think of.  Many presenters!


All events are provided for people who worship YHWH, love Y’SHUA and seek to keep Torah.  The Alliance of the Yahad is an Equal Opportunity Ministry made up of The Vero Essene Yahad, The Congregation of Elohim NYC, The New Earth Restoration & Essene Academy of Religion, Theology & History.


For more information and ancient manuscripts, contact Dr. Jackson Snyder at or reply to this notice. 


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NEW YORK: Congregation of Elohim, New York City

TENNESSEE: The Yahad of East Tennessee Cleveland, TN

GEORGIA: Douglas Essene Yahad Food Bank



The Variety Show and Circus

The George Floyd Aftermath

Anthropodermic Biogeny
– Books in Human Skin

The Cursing Jesus

Saturn-day, Sun-day Sabbath?

Jewish and Druze DNA Breakthrough

DNA and Ezekiel’s Boneyard

Hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife? and other topics

Greek Fragments of Cave 7 – New Testament?

Pandemics in the Ancient World

The Sinaitic Codex – Oldest Complete New Testament


Simon Magus

In the Words of Others

In His Own Words



Kidney Disease – Professor Smith – “I Dig a Kidney”

Cardiac Artery Disease – Peter & Jackson Snyder – “Coronary Comedies”

From an Ugly Duckling to a Swan – Sean Lewis, Touring Musician

Hebrew Heritage on Professional Golf Tour – Matt Miller


History / Origins

Two Tickets to Heaven and the Son of Man Part 1

Two Tickets to Heaven and the Son of Man Part 2

The Parting of the Ways – Judaism and Christianity Part 1

The Parting of the Ways – Judaism and Christianity Part 1

The Sabbath – Saturday to Sunday

Jewish Revolt Update 2020

Ark of the Covenant – All You Need to Know

Ark of the Covenant – All You Need Part 2

Fake Scrolls Discovered in Public Places!


Mark Heston, the Detox Whisperer

The 1888 Showdown 1: An Adventist Conundrum

The 1888 Showdown 2: An Adventist Conundrum

The 1888 Showdown 3: An Adventist Conundrum


Ray Boshers’ Messages

The One Whom They Pierced

History Repeats Itself


Jackson Souffrant’s Messages

Evoking 1 John, Part 1

Evoking 1 John, Part 2


Jackson Snyder’s Messages

A Disinterested Life, Part 1

A Disinterested Life, Part 2


Kenneth Kimmons Messages

Forgive Me!

More Brother Kenneth – Humble Servant of Yah


Bishop Regesh Messages

Chained Up and Burned Down

Elijah’s Chariot / Our Words

Stop Playin’!

Eyes of Darkness

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence


SATAN, Hell, Demons, Devils

The Proverbs of Hell, Reincarnated a Buzzard

Dealing with the Devil

The Devil by Any Other Name

Demons from Where?

Who is Lucifer?

Zombies, How Are They Made?


The Nephilim

The Nephilim, Part 1

The Nephilim, Part 2

The Nephilim, Part 3

The Nephilim, Part 4

The Nephilim, Part 5

The Nephilim, Part 6

The Nephilim, Part 7



Hypostasis of the Archons – Gnostic Creation Story

Peter & Paul in Hell – Their Apocalypses

Gospels of Bartholomew and Peter

Pseudepigrapha – Can You Spell It? Part 1?

Pseudepigrapha – Part 2