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Great Draconid Meteor Showers Sukkot 1933 & 1946

Great Draconid Meteor Showers Sukkot 1933 & 1946

Could passages regarding stars being thrown from heaven in Revelation Chapters 6, 8 & 12 be prophesying about huge Draconid Meteor Showers as signs in the heavens to watch for during Sukkot?  During Sukkot in the years of 1933 and 1946 where THOUSANDS of meteors per hour streamed through the heavens seemingly originating in the constellation Draco the Dragon.  The Draconid meteor shower will occur during Sukkot this year.  Will it again be a huge display like 1933 & 1946 or a smaller normal display.  Draconids are fairly unpredictable and so worth watching for especially when they fall during Sukkot! 

Drive Time Friday

Drive Time Friday

Jeff Gilbert and Mark Call discuss the news of the week, the smoke, the fires, and even the arson. As well as the smokescreen to cover so much of it up. Is there "blame all around" -- as the WasteStream News would like you to believe -- or have too many Americans...

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The Solar HYDRO was used at Fire and Rescue Station 8 in Beaumont, TX during hurricane Harvey

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