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Drive Time Friday

This week both Mark Call and Tim Kern admit that when you look at the deliberate MESS that the world has become, it's hard NOT to be cynical. At least we don't have an active World War 3. Yet. But the economic meltdown is getting there rapidly.


Is Mossad training ISIS/al Nusra/Iranian Mujahadeen for missions in the Middle East just as we saw recently with the 2 oil tankers?  Were some of these members witnessed in UAE trying to buy boats just like the boats in the videos of the alleged Iranian Republic navy...


This broadcast is from May 22.  Steven raises issues such as what is Trump's end time role, how are Russian and Chinese troops entering the US under a false cover, who are the true Talmudists, what was Jana's vision (not dream) that should give all who depend upon...


Even though this interview is from May 14, it is almost prophetic of what is happening right now around the oil shipping lanes near Iran.  Iran said that they would defeat America by .... Many of the reports Steven ben Nun reads are directly from his contacts in the...

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