Jackson Snyder Presents: Why the Third Temple was the First Temple, Part 1  We have majored in Christian / Hebraic origins and outpaced the secular scholars in learning the words, teachings and experiences of our forebears in the faith.  Now our Jewish Origins Forum takes on the roots of Judaism in our investigations of Egyptian monotheism from the halls of Akhetaten (Amarna) the city of Pharaoh Akhenaten and his vizier Joseph (Yuya) ben Jacob.  The links below bridge the gap to earlier installments of this series, and it’s ongoing.  Join us Wednesdays at 9 PM ET.  Use your ZOOM client to surf to www.theYahad.com.

Akhenaten and Akhetaten | Monotheism
Akhenaten as Despotic Ruler
Consensus of the Chronology of Events in Egypt
Hatshetsut and Moses
The Naming of Joseph / The Funerary Art
Hebrew Migrations
The Ezekiel Temple and the Amarna Temple