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The Torah Teachers’ Round Table (various editions!) is the show where Mark Pitrone, Rob Miller, and Mark Call, each with different backgrounds and understandings, get together for an in-depth discussion of Books in the Bible which often don’t get much focus. In the “Tanakh edition,” they explore some of the histories, from Joshua and Judges through the exiles which follow them.

Dr Hollisa Alewine – Footsteps of Messiah Part 50 – “A Concise History of the Beast”

As I glanced at the Zoom chat box after our weekly classes, this week, I realized that not everyone was clear on why we fast on the Tenth of Tevet. While most of my weekly online students have been with me for several years, newer students missed the Four Fasts and the Torah portions in which we unpacked some reasons why they appear in Zechariah. It dawned on me…if they missed some of the Four Fast teachings, then probably they’re a little lost when I discuss the Egyptian crocodile/serpent as the “father” of the beast kingdoms. It’s not that folks don’t try to catch up, it’s that the number of teaching videos available is overwhelming when one searches for a particular topic of interest. I can’t even remember what topic is in what videos!

In this week’s episode, I will re-cap a 2020 teaching on the Torah portion Vayechi, which describes how Egypt became the crocodile/serpent and how Joseph lost his position as “father to Pharaoh.”

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