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DR HOLLISA ALEWINE – EMOR (The Hours: Not Even the Angels Know)

This week’s Torah Portion, EMOR covering Leviticus 24:1-24: 23 is important because of our investigation of the Temple hours, which are different from regular hours. Here we will shed insight into what was happening in the Heavenlies during Yeshua’s hours on the crucifixion tree. It also gives a new understanding of why Yeshua cried out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?”

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This week, rather than do a deep study of the portions, we will take a walk in the Song of Songs. This whole book is about the resurrection and in the 2 passages taught on in this episode, we shall see how this too correlates to the Yom Kippur service from this week’s Torah Portion. Hopefully by pointing some things out in this text you can see the beauty of what Yeshua Messiah has done for us.

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Sin sacrifices have been offered for Aharon and his sons so that they could in turn offer sacrifices for the people. They needed to make atonement for the Golden Calf, an event still very much in the consciousness of the young nation. With proper preparation for the moment, the Presence descended on the Eighth. This theme of the Eighth extends into the next two Torah portions, Tazria and Metzorah.

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DR HOLLISA ALEWINE – SHMINI (Pop the Glory Bubbles)

Accidents are rarely one oversight, but a series of oversights leading to a catastrophic event. In this message we’ll investigate the deeper prophecies of Nadav and Avihu: Why did Yeshua wash the disciples’ feet? Why did he have to go away to send the Comforter? What did he really mean when he used the phrase “My Father’s House”? What is the strange parallel between Nadav and Avihu/John the Baptist and Yeshua? To listen to the full version please visit: or you can watch the full episode here:

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