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DOZENS OF BIBLICALLY NAMED TOWNS IN THE U.S. DARKENED WITH MOST BEING 90-100% IN DARKNESS DURING BOTH ECLIPSES!  JACOB, Illinois in the Southern tip of Illinois an area historically known as Little Egypt, was is 100% darkness during the 2017 eclipse AND will be in 100% darkness AGAIN DURING THE UPCOMING April 8, 2024 second Great American total solar eclipse!  That’s not all!  10 of the original 12 tribes plus Ephraim also have towns named after them in the US which will be in darkness for both eclipses (with the exception that Reuben was only darkened in 2017).  How about towns named Israel, Zion, Palestine, Assyria, Nineveh & even Babylon?  Yep all of them have US towns named after them that will or were also plunged into darkness (most of them being 90 to 100% but at a minimum 70% darkened in BOTH eclipses)!  COULD THIS BE ONE OF THE SIGNS OF JONAH?  Could this upcoming 2024 eclipse be marking the Aleph-Tav… the beginning of the end of the U.S. as we know it? Listen to this message to find out more!

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The Solar HYDRO was used at Fire and Rescue Station 8 in Beaumont, TX during hurricane Harvey

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