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Dr Hollisa Alewine – Footsteps of Messiah Part 41 – (Shaking Principalities and Powers Part 5 : The Sorcerer’s Tail Pt 2)

In last week’s issue of Footsteps, we explored how “sorcerers” can produce signs and wonders that imitate the Heavenly wonders. As the Footsteps of Messiah approach, even the elect must guard themselves from a particular hazard: sorcery (Re 9:21; 18:23). The Beast will be given the power to produce signs and wonders, even the ability to call down fire from Heaven like the two witnesses (Re 11:5). But is it real, or is it a sorcerer’s illusion catering to what rebellious humankind WANTS to see? Review these couplets/equivalencies: “He makes the winds (ruachot) His messengers, Flaming fire (lahat) His ministers.” (Ps 104:4) These flaming ministers of fire can consume, for they are “serving” the fire of Elohim’s judgment… We looked at a midrash commentary to Jacob’s wrestling match with the angel. At the conclusion of the night, the angel corrected Jacob’s thinking that he was dealing with a “man” all night. In fact, he was dealing with a ministering angel, a fiery minister, some believe Esau’s angel.

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A Yom Kippur Message… Is the Bear of Esau Growing Restless?

A Yom Kippur Message. Is the Esau Bear getting ready to break off the yoke of Jacob as prophesied by Isaac their father?  Are the 10 horns being set up to burn the whore that sits on many waters?  A look at Russian President Putin’s Sept 30th speech in light of biblical prophecy and Yom Kippur.  Was there a message in there for us to take very seriously?  Why we should all be taking this Yom Kippur very seriously and spreading YHWH’s message of Repentance and the Hope of His Atonement to all those around us.  We need to repent as Daniel did for our sins, the sins of our fathers and even the sins of our nations. 

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