Don’t Go on the Defensive, Keep the Offensive!  Strike Back with His Word!

Tracks from our “Healing Scriptures” CD.  This has been playing in our programs slots on HNR for the past week as an encouragement and a reminder.  The last couple weeks we’ve been busy switching to a new computer (ugggh!) and with company and fellowship.  Meanwhile we’ve also been waiting and watching events unfold in the ME and around the world.  Nothing hugely significant (to the extent of Dana Coverstone’s vision) that we are aware of happened in November however that doesn’t necessarily mean November wasn’t the beginning of something this coming year leading up to November.  Perhaps something took place in the spiritual realm which we have yet to see the effects of?  In any case it’s still time for His people to keep watching for their Bridegroom’s return and the world events prophesied to take place prior to His return!

WE ARE OFFERING OUR PHYSICAL ‘HIS WORD HEALS!’ SCRIPTURE CDs FOR FREE!  We are just asking for $3 per CD to cover shipping via Media Mail or $8 if you would like it sooner via Priority Mail (while supplies last).  On todays program we will be playing the ‘Fear Not’, ‘Strength’ & ‘Psalms 91 Warfare’ tracks for you to enjoy.  We pray that His Words speaks to you in a special healing and uplifting way today.  May you and your family be strengthened in this time of great trial.  You can also always get a free MP3 download of the entire CD FOR FREE on our website at .  Click on the ‘Books & CD’ link and choose the Free Download link below the CD.

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You can also visit our website at FOR A FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD OF THE BOOK ‘IF GOD CAN HEAL HIS PEOPLE, WHY IS THE CHURCH SO SICK?’ AS WELL AS A FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD of our CD called ‘HIS WORD HEALS!’  This CD is one hour of HEALING and other SCRIPTURES SET TO MUSIC CD (including ‘Praise’, ‘Healing’, ‘Psalms 91’, ‘Fear Not’ & ‘Strength’ scriptures).

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