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His Word Heals! Join Dawn Hagedorn each week to pray in agreement with our Father’s Word as a corporate body of set-apart believers for His soon coming Kingdom, His people and especially for the physical & spiritual Healing of His people! In addition to praying in agreement with His Word we will take a closer look at why we can know and need to believe that He will hear us and what He actually PROMISES to those that belong to Him. We will also include information and prayer regarding prophetic events we can see coming to pass right before our eyes.

Shemini Atzeret Water Libation Ceremony

8th Great Day of Sukkot & Y’shua in the New Testament. We see Y’shua in the Rabbinic water libation ceremony when He proclaimed Himself as provider of living water AND when they poured out water & wine together.  Let’s compare this Rabbinic tradition to what was taking place during Sukkot in the New Testament.  When we look at the big picture everything makes so much sense!  Perhaps a great tradition for this year’s 8th great day would be to pour out water and wine onto the alter of the earth in remembrance and honor of Y’shua the giver of living water Who poured water and blood (wine) out of Himself on the cross for our salvation!

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If you want to know what in the world is going on and what scripture says about it, watch this video through to the end! INCLUDES Seattle Space Needle New Year’s 2021 Video as intro then connects the dots of Revelation sealing of 144,000 with other NT sealing scriptures, Isaiah 8 Wizards that Peep & Mutter, Ezekiel 7-10 where scripture tells us about mankind’s profaning the DNA of Creation which scripture calls “YHWH’s secret”. Did you know the Hebrew word behind profane or pollute in Ezekiel 7:22 means ‘bore’ with something hollow? All this and more! WE NEED TO BE ON OUR FACES IN SACK CLOTH & ASHES STARTING THIS YOM KIPPUR AND PRAY THAT WE ARE AMONG THE SEALED REMNANT OF YHWH!!!

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1999 Time, Covid EUA, Comirnaty, Pfizer BioNTech, CICP

The Original Pfizer BioNTech Vax is not the FDA approved one. Comirnaty is. What’s the difference?  Liability protection.  Variety of interconnected topics reveal the big picture. All information sourced from official governmental & corporate websites. The 1999 Time magazine cover (“Special Issue Future of Medicine”) coming true right before our eyes! Time is running short.  Joseph prepared have you?

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Camps & Shielding CDC Australia Tennessee

Center for National Resilience, CDC Shielding Plan & Tennessee’s Executive Order A world wide plan originating from CDC plans?  Coming to the US in the very near future?  Where do we draw our lines in the sand?  “Come out of her my people” is becoming more urgent and relevant every day.  Be or get prepared to withdraw all consent and take your families to a safe place.  Time is running short.  Joseph prepared have you?

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Americas Frontline Doctors Consultation Pt 2

Important Hydroxychloroquine Info Plus Book by Thomas E. Levy MD JD. A followup to last week’s program regarding Americas Frontline Doctors $90 phone consultations for preventatives & treatment.  I tried this phone consultation out and share the information I received as well as information I found regarding hydroxycholoroquine & ivermectin plus vitamins & other natural preventatives recommended and suggested by qualified doctors.

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Personal C19 Treatment & Prophylactic

IMPORTANT UPDATED INFO IN THIS POST :), please scroll down. Phone/Video Consultations With America’s Frontline Doctors. At a very reasonable cost for those without insurance or a good doctor who truly cares, only $90! Also lots of helpful information on their website!  Educate yourselves and the ones that you love on Covid Treatment and Prevention options from doctors who care enough to put their livelihoods and reputations on the line to truly help people!  A service worth checking out and a cause worth supporting!  Here’s the link to their website for more information as well America’s Frontline Doctors.

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7 Day & 7 Year Warnings in Scripture

Originally created in Nov. 2020 the warnings in this program & video seem to be more relevant & probable now than they were back in November of last year and we felt deserved a repeat.  We will continue our series on the Trumps of Revelation next week.   Joseph had a 7 Year Warning Before 7 Years of Famine Began & Noah had a 7 Day Warning Before the Rain Began. As it was in the Days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man.

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Sheep, Goats, (or Cattle) in Scripture

What are the scriptural & real world differences between Sheep & Goats? Did you know the Passover Lamb could be a Passover Goat? Who did Y’shua Jesus come to save? Are we all goats before we become sheep? A look as scripture you may not have considered before. Line upon Line, Precept Upon Precept, Here a Little, There a Little.  When taken all together we can understand prophecy much more clearly. 

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2 Goats, 2 Brothers, 2 Brides – 1 Taken & 1 Left Pt 2

Wheels within Wheels, Line upon Line. Starting in Genesis we will look at the 2 Yom Kippur Goat theme all throughout scripture even into Revelation!  One Goat to YHWH & One Goat to Azazel.  One is Taken and One is Left.  We compare Goats to Brides and Brothers – Line upon Line, Precept Upon Precept, Here a Little, There a Little.

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