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His Word Heals! Join Dawn Hagedorn each week to pray in agreement with our Father’s Word as a corporate body of set-apart believers for His soon coming Kingdom, His people and especially for the physical & spiritual Healing of His people! In addition to praying in agreement with His Word we will take a closer look at why we can know and need to believe that He will hear us and what He actually PROMISES to those that belong to Him. We will also include information and prayer regarding prophetic events we can see coming to pass right before our eyes.

Four Horsemen & the Seals of Revelation 4-6

Horsemen & Birth Pangs, the Same? Are the first 5 Seals of Revelation & the Birth Pains Yeshua described in Matthew 24 speaking of the same events? Have the Seals been opened and the birth pains been progressing for quite some time… for almost 2000 years to be exact? This is NOT your typical pretrib rapture look at these scriptures.

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10 Virgins, Shmita, Tribulation, Coming Out & Being Prepared

VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE TOO! Understanding the 10 virgin parable, the shmita cycle & coming out to meet the Bridegroom could be paramount in being taken to a place of safety and provision (by the Bridegroom) during great tribulation.  This is not your typical oil = Holy Spirit message.  Perhaps one verse in Proverbs sheds a better light on this passage.  If so, this parable may have never been more important to understand than it is right now!

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7 Day & 7 Year Warnings in Scripture

(Originally aired Nov. 9, 2020 but even more relevant today.  Please watch this video & pray for wisdom in how to spend this forthcoming stimulus check).  Also watch 10 Virgins, Shmita, Tribulation, Coming Out & Being Prepared. Discussion of a possible end to our ‘7 Years of Plenty’.  Joseph had a 7 Year Warning Before 7 Years of Famine Began & Noah had a 7 Day Warning Before the Rain Began. As it was in the Days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man.

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Why is Israel’s Vaccination Campaign such a ‘Success’?

Israel has the highest per capita vaccination rate in the world. As of the creation of the video, 87 out of every 100 people in Israel had been vaccinated against C-19 according to the New York Times (as of the uploading of this video now says 90 out of every 100 people in Israel have been vaccinated). Why is Israel’s vaccination campaign such a ‘success’? Should Christians & Messianics who love the people of Israel take this as an indication of the vaccine’s safety and efficacy when making decisions for ourselves & our families? Why or why not?

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The Great Reset, NESARA & GESARA, Debt Jubilee

Facts regarding the Globalist World Economic Forum’s Great Reset & the New Age Far Right Conservative Movement’s NESARA & GESARA with a great debt jubilee. All eerily similar. The same program but renamed and geared toward 2 different audiences? Compare these to the true biblical Jubilee. What’s the difference? Should Christians want to participate in any of this?

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Amos’ Famine of the Word of YHWH

“The Wise Keep Silent for it is an Evil Time”
We’ve spoken in past programs about a coming famine of food (at the very least for those that will not accept first the vaccine and then a ‘mark’) but will there be a famine of His Word coming in the near future as well?  Let’s take a look at what the book of Amos has to say about this famine. 

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Greater Exodus & Regathering to the Land

Putting the pieces of a biblical puzzle together from primarily Isaiah & Revelation plus Jeremiah, Ezekiel and more! What does scripture say this greater exodus & gathering will look like? What will the land of Israel look like once the remnant of the whole House of Israel is regathered back to the land? Who’s doing the regathering & what’s happening in the rest of the world while this exodus from Babylon is taking place?

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