Jackson Snyder opens his book of ancient tales and reads you a new rendition of The Acts of Peter and Paul in this a dramatized excerpt from the third edition of the Nazarene Acts of the Apostles.   See the excerpt below with the audio link.

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The Feast of Tabernacles for our ministry is being held in northwest Georgia this year.  Eddie Chumney is the keynote speaker, with Jackson, Rich Cook, Bishop Regesh and others.  Vegan and vegetarian friendly.  Eight days, all meals, lodging in beautiful surroundings, great teachers and friends – always a free and wonderful vacation from the world.  The details are at this link.  Sponsored by the Yahad of East Tennessee.

The Yahad is changing names!  We are now New Earth Restoration Ministries.  Watch for the changes!

Excerpt: And the multitude was assembled – reviling Cæsar, wishing to kill him. But Kefa restrained them, saying: A few days ago, being exhorted by the brethren, I was going away; and my Master Yahshua Messiah met me, and having revered Him, I said, Master, Qvo Vadis (which is interpreted, Where are you going)? And He said to me, I am going to Rome to be crucified. And I said to Him, Master, were You not crucified once for all? And the Master answering, said, I saw you fleeing from death, and I wish to be crucified instead of you. And I said, Master, I go; I fulfill Your command. And He said to me, Fear not, for I am with you. On this account, then, children, do not hinder my go

ing; for already my feet are going on the road skyward. Can you not see this to be true? Do not grieve, but rather rejoice with me, for today I receive the fruit of my labors. And speaking thusly, he prayed: I thank You, good Shepherd, that the sheep that You have entrusted to me sympathize with me; I ask, then, that with me they may have a part in Your kingdom. And having thus spoken, he gave up the ruach.

 Immediately, glorious men, strange in appearance materialized; and they said: We are here on account of the holy and chief apostles from Jerusalem. And they, along with Marcellus, an illustrious man, who, having abandoned Shimon, believed in Kefa and took up his body secretly, and put it under the terebinth near the place for the exhibition of sea-fights in the place called the Vatican. And the men who had said that they came from Jerusalem said to the people: Rejoice, and be exceeding glad, because you have been deemed worthy to have great champions. And know that Nero himself, after these not many days, will be utterly destroyed, and his kingdom will be given to another. And after this, the people revolted against him; and when he knew of it, he fled into desert places, and through hunger and cold he died and his body became food for the wild beasts.