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The Detox Whisperer, Again – Mark Heston

Jackson Snyder Presents Mark Heston, author of the book, “The First Day of the Week” Scripture or Tradition? Revealing Father’s Calendar and His Divine Appointments. Mark is a detoxification expert, and in this interview, he tells us the history of vaccinations from Noah to the 21st century.   Included are discussions of SSRIs, Hebraic agricultural methods, genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals, and all the rest – but perhaps not what you are expecting.  Mark has new and insightful information about diet, nutrition and what makes the body tick – and he is divulging secrets today. Play in new window |...

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John 7 – Did Jesus Lie? Make Your Yes, Yes; Your No, No.

Jackson Snyder Presents a critical study of John 7.  Yahshua told his devilish brothers, “I’m not going to the feast,” yet he ends up there.  The greater mystery is, “What was John’s intention?”  When this question is brought up to a non-technical audience, often the reply is – in capital letters – “MY JESUS DIDN’T LIE!!”  Again, there is a much deeper meaning here that one can’t get on a surface.  So don’t cry or yell at me.  Just listen. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android |...

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Apocalypse: The Mystery is History – with Adam Drissel

Jackson Snyder Presents Elder Adam Drisssel and his new book, The Mystery is History.  Would you believe that the Book of Revelation has already been fulfilled?  Get ready for a shock.  Adam’s book demonstrates verse by verse, point by point, that the Mystery of Revelation is History.  Citing what we know of first-century history, primary source materials, the historical elements in the text itself and the best of informed conjecture, Adam takes down futurists, spectacularists and modern-day “prophecy teachers” to reveal what really was happening – that which John saw and reported on in coded form.  Check out the...

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Persecution Pressure Cooker – Elder Ray Boshers – Vero Essene Yahad

Jackson Snyder Presents Elder Ray Boshers of the Vero Essene Yahad in a very timely message – what to do if you stand in persecution?  You STAND!  Ray gives us the rudiments of standing fast when family, friends – or enemies – are giving you the devil about your new-found faith in Essene Judaism. Vero Essene Yahad is recruiting ministers.  Join the Essenes.  You won’t be sorry.  We have a complete candidacy program that include a fine education in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essene Way.  We are a recognized, professional ministry, and we raise up professional ministers. ...

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Cognitive Pneumatology Certification Overview – Spiritual Gifts Profession

Jackson Snyder Presents a certification track in Cognitive Pneumatology – ie, spiritual gifts from an intellectual viewpoint – in preparation for a diploma in spiritual gifts knowledge and practice.  The track is extensive and will probably take the learner 3 to 6 months to complete.  This is an overview of the course materials, practical exercises and terminology.  This course is distance-learning, and one may start at any time.  To register, go to this link.  The course price is only $50 for an extensive supervised training and ministry, plus textbooks, which you can purchase here.  You will never find a...

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