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The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles – Apocrypha

Jackson Snyder Presents a very obscure text dating from perhaps the second century – who knows.  It is an allegory of sorts – Peter discusses pearls with a pearl merchant on the Way.  The rich don’t believe he has pearls. But the poor on the way do believe, and because of their belief, the pearl merchant offers the poor free pearls.  But first before they can have their pearls, they must was on the Way until they reach the Ninth Gate.  There are numerous references in ancient literature to the Nine Gates – Jewish literature of course, but we...

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The Genealogy of the Apostle Paul – Who Was Paul?

Jackson Snyder and Liz McGee Present the very controversial family tree of the Apostle Paul.  We have Paul’s writings – and they say a lot about him – but otherwise we know nothing.  In this series of podcasts, we are attempting to put some flesh on the bones of Paul, and what we find could well be what caused the Jamesian apostles not to trust him.  Paul’s genealogy is found within the genealogy of both Herod the Great and his sister, Shalome.  We identify his parents, his brother and sister, as well as his nephew, who is mentioned as...

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Disciple-making with Faith-sharing. How To Do It.

Jackson Snyder Presents the Great Commission – or Omission!  Sharing our faith is one of the most intimidating acts of ministry one can do.  Consequently, there isn’t enough of it done, or when it is, it’s often done in an offensive way.  But witnessing to others is not preaching, prophesying or coercing,  It is simply sharing!  Do the deed, share the story, name the name.  It doesn’t take long to learn how, and when doing it, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple minutes.  Yes, you can be effective in a couple minutes – -if the Ruach ha Qodesh...

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Norman Gray, the Calendar Man – When Does the Day Begin?

Jackson Snyder Presents Norman Gray, the Canadian Calendar Man, does his best to prove that the day starts at dark.  Gray is a proponent of an Enochian-based solar calendar.  The Essenes considered the day to begin at sunrise, but Norman has plenty of evidence to the contrary.  You calendar freaks – you” want to check this out. Vero Essene Yahad Essene Bootcamp will be gathering January 28 – February 2 at General Coffee State Park, Douglas, GA.   No tents this year – we have the entire lodge reserved for this week.  Besides teachers you know, we will be trolley-touring...

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Because of the Angels. The real reason for head coverings.

Jackson Snyder Presents Shari Gamble and a new theory on head coverings.  Did you know that women took Nazarite vows as well as men?  Shari has a whole new notion about this touchy subject, and she just may be correct. Essene  Boot Camp is coming up January 28th at General Coffee State Park in Douglas, GA.  We had a very successful boot camp there in 2016.  The Vero Yahad is dedicated to the education of serious Bible students by providing deep research into a multitude of topics, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essene Faith, the Lives of the...

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