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THE EVOLUTION OF JESUS: Lots of confusion among those trying to pronounce the Messiah’s name correctly!  All kinds of variations!  Yet the earliest book in the New Testament, 1 Thessalonians, in its very first verse has Paul telling us plainly how the name is pronounced.  I see all kinds of nonsensical approaches to the Greek language by teachers (so-called) that pretend to know something about Greek, and pretend to know how His name was pronounced in the time of his life.  (Like Gee-Zeus!) Wouldn’t Paul know?  Of course he would.  We only need to know HOW those letters Paul wrote down are pronounced.  I studied this language through universities for 4 years and have been translating for almost 30.  I know – and you should, too.  It’s NOT a no-brainer – it’s just a little-brainer.  My notes on the evolution of the mane “Jesus” are found at this link.  You may need them.

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ON THE IMMORTAL SOUL:  The concept of an immortal soul – that is, a soul that cannot die – comes to us from the Greek teacher Aristotle, through his student Alexander the Great, through Thomas Aquinas and the Roman Catholic Church.  Is it true that all who do not know the name of Jesus nor follow him are doomed to hell when they die?  Of is that just part of the Greek myth promoted ubiquitously by religious authorities to appeal to the masses’ need for vengeance?  Are your dead loved ones who didn’t get their ticket to Heaven in this world roiling in the worms and fires in the earth now and forever?  There are such a twistings of Scripture, deliberate mistranslations and demonic doctrines in this viewpoint that we must take a little time with the Bible to get this straightened out.  Let us publish the good news; Hell and Heaven are not good news.  Does Elohim’s plan have something else in store?  My notes on the Eternal Soul are at this link.