The Vero Essene Yahad / New Earth Restoration Quarterly Report

       How is the Yahad affecting the Kingdom, the community and the world

  CBD Approved!  Allison Shatter, a Cannabinoid Expert in Interview, a good one!

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   Your Qs, My As, Part 1 – I have received many diverse questions.  Let me share some answers.

   Your Qs, My As, Part 2 – Schruumkoff Turns the Tables on Me; Ticked Me Off!

   Prophecy Forum with Linda Blessing, Part 1 – You will enjoy lots of “you knows.

   Prophecy Forum with Linda Blessing, Part 2 – You will enjoy lots of “you knows.”

   Daniel ben Regesh Preaching: “The Pros and Cons of His Service.

Akhenaten, Moses, Joseph, Abraham, Melchizdek & the Third Temple

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Toward a comprehensive theory

   Part 1: What We Know of Akhetaten, Akhenaten, Amarna and the Amarna Letters

       Assignment for next time: Search “Akhenaten,” download a scholarly paper, give a short report

   Part 2: Similarity of Hebrew and Egyptian Names (MP4)

   Part 3: Review of Funerary Art by Allyson Gary (MP4)

   Part 4: Migrations, Hebrews and Egyptians

   Part 5: Hatshepsut and Moses

   Part 6: Akhenaten: A Despot?  Part 1