One more week, Mark combines a somewhat different than traditional pairing of Torah portions in the annual sequence, but, after all, the Biblical-scale global economic and social[ist] upheaval certainly marks “interesting times” that fit as well.

Parsha “Kedoshim” (Leviticus chapters 19 and 20) is literally about what that word means. “Y’all be ‘holy’, in the southern plural conjugation of the word into English, is outlined by the specifics. And the following parsha, “Emor” (Leviticus chapters 21 through 24) takes the next logical step, by outlining how those who are specifically, by birth and avocation, set apart to Yahuah, are held to a still-higher standard.

The Erev Shabbat overview covers the specifics:

The Sabbath midrash begins with the fundamental question: “What is ‘holiness’?” Given the Big Lie that most of us have been exposed to for far too long, from denial of what the Book actually says in the form of everyting from “over-spiritualization” to outright obfuscation, maybe it’s not surprising that the word ‘holy’ has become a riddle.

“Kedoshim – Emor: Why being SET APART to Yahuah has NEVER Been More Vital!”

The combined two-part teaching is here: