As he continues in Romans chapters 10 and 11, Rabbi Steve Berkson has received some clear insight on a couple of troublesome verses. Understanding the context of the letter to the Roman assembly is the key, as he explains in the first part of this teaching. Not only the context in this letter, but also, context from the Tanakh as the apostle Paul references it time and time again to establish his points. Context is critical to gaining the correct understanding and interpretation, especially when it has to do with the writings of Paul.


– When the word ‘saved’ or ‘delivered’ is used, is it clearly understood, ‘saved’ or ‘delivered’ from what? Does it refer to a future event?

– What does it mean to be “sent”? Isn’t there a “Great Commission” on all of us?

– Some teach that Israel has been “replaced” because God is done with them–is that true?

– What is pre-destination, divine selection and being chosen? Are they one and the same?

– What is it that a Gentile has that a Jew would be jealous of?

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