Parsha ‘Toldot’ (Genesis/Bereshiet 25:19 – 28:10 ) is ostensibly the last part of the story of the second of the patriarchs, Yitzak (Isaac) but also begins the story of Yakov.

In the Erev Shabbat overview, we are told “these are the GENERATIONS (toldot) of Isaac,” and, of course, a whole lot more:

The Sabbath Day teaching begins with a number of questions, because this parsh inspires many. Was Yitzak REALLY that blind when he ended up blessing the ‘wrong’ son? Or was it something else? And how can the life of the man so identified with “emet”, or Truth, begin with such deception. What can we learn from a story that really seems so “problematic?”

” ‘Problematic’ Toldot: Trying TOO Hard to Do the Right Thing”

The combined two-part teaching is here, available for download as well: