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Torah Righteousness to the Nth Degree

Jackson Snyder Presents Carl & Patricia Archuleta in another lesson on Scriptural Righteousness.  This in-depth study continues on to define and refine the concept of righteousness as it applies to the believer.  Carl & Pat are licensed teachers with the Vero Essene Yahad and live in Colorado. Please support Hebrew Nation Radio.  We can’t do without it. Sukkot anyone?  Check out this link. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android |...

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Mignon’s Great Adventure on the Haiti Mission Field

Jackson Snyder Presents a very rare recording with emotional impact – the missionary journal of Mignon Moore Snyder (1935 – 2011) from the year 2000 (pictured in 1991).  Mignon is taping here experiences in the villages of rural Haiti, and I (Jackson) am asking for money to to go there and teach Torah.  I have two schools there, both called Jackson Snyder Mixed University.  I need to go first of 2018 to teach the teachers about the divine name, the commandments and food ordinances.  Haiti is 90% Catholic and 100% Voodoo.  The family has been working in Haiti for...

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More About the Body of Messiah from the Nazarene Acts

Jackson Snyder Presents Commander Lee Hayhurst, Yahad founding elder and pastor of the Vero Beach Assembly, to tell us more about the body of Messiah from the Naz Acts.  Was Yahshua a man?  Half God, half man?  A trinity?  Or something quite different.  “A Body You Have Prepared For Me,” quoted the anointed writer to the Hebrews.  Lee also conjures up Moshe Koniuchowsky’s book, Our Last Days Meal: The Full Truth About Our Unleavened Bread for answers.  Lee will be speaking at Vero Essene Yahad’s Sukkot this year.   For more information on Sukkot, click...

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Beginning Torah Reading | The Problem of Theodicy

Jackson Snyder Presents Commander Lee Hayhurst with Theodicy, or the problem of evil.  He uses the Nazarene Acts and the teaching of Apostle Kefa to give us some ideas about Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People.  The second segment is a great teaching on how to approach then interpret the Torah using the PARDES system.  This teaching comes from the course by Rab. Ed Nydle.  Thank you for listening. Commander Lee is a founding elder of the Vero Essene Yahad. Why not Sukkot with the Yahad this year?  Check out what we are doing at this...

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1. To Carry or Not to Carry 2. Jack the Obscure Double-header

Jackson Snyder Presents David h’Natsari (Bishop Brad Brink) positing a Biblical view of whether a believer should carry a gun or not.  For anyone who is wondering, this message takes you through the Torah and into the authentic acts of Yahshua for a reasoned, dependable answer.  Also on this podcast is Jackson Snyder (Jackson Snyder) again working through names of obscure biblical characters who couldn’t carry a gun because they weren’t invented you.  No, these characters carried ray guns that Melchizedek and aliens from outer space provided. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts...

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