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Dr Hollisa Alewine – Footsteps of Messiah Part 21 – (The Sharp Sickle Pt 2)

“Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud was one like a son of man, with a golden crown on His head and a sharp sickle in His hand. And another angel came out of the temple, calling out with a loud voice to Him who sat on the cloud, ‘Put in your sickle and reap, for the hour to reap has come, because the harvest of the earth is ripe.’ Then He who sat on the cloud swung His sickle over the earth, and the earth was reaped.” (Re 14:14-16)

Yeshua is the one with the sickle in the Cloud. He sits, or in Hebrew, “dwells” there. The same Hebrew word, yashav, means to sit or dwell. Yeshua harvests his firstfruits with the message, “Reap,” and he hurries to reap the Father’s firstfruits. In this instance, he reaps the standing sheaves all the way to the end of the earth. He hurries to perform the mitzvah and doesn’t let it age or sour.

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