This week marks the final Sabbath and ultimately 7th day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, as well as the beginning of the ‘counting of the Omer’ and the fifty days leading to Shavout (aka ‘pentecost’).

In Luke’s account of the ‘Last Supper’ and Yahushua’s final Passover meal, the admonition to “do this remembering Me,” features prominently. Mark suggests that applies to more than just the breaking of the matzah and the sharing of the wine. And during the Erev Shabbat reading and teaching, and perhaps even more during THIS season than ever, that includes taking a detailed look at His very first recorded “public address”, in the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ (Matthew chapters 5 through 7).

During the Sabbath day teaching, given the confluence of “Holy Days” and pagan substitutes, it’s again important to take a closer look at what Scripture really says, as opposed to what men say He should have said. And it all helps to answer the questions about “why” that matter so much today.

“Why is there no POWER in ‘the Church’?”
“Why is it that faith doesn’t actually seem to ‘move mountains’?”
and “Why does so much that is so wrong just plain get ignored by those who should care most?”

What’s wrong with our ‘faith’?

“Passover Midrash: Unbelief – ANTI-Belief – and Power”

The combined two-part podcast is here: