This is another special week, since the regular Torah portion is — at least somewhat! — pre-empted by the final spring feast of Shavuot.

But because it turns out to be SO apropos anyway, Mark Call decided to incorporate at least SOME of parsha “Naso” (Numbers 4:21 through chapter 6, in this case) into this week’s two-part teaching.

The Erev Shabbat overview and “set-up” includes both the first couple of chapters of that parsha, along with some traditional readings from Exodus chapters 19 through 20 (the giving of the Torah and ‘Ten Debarim’ at Mount Sinai) as well, since that was at least the FIRST part of what happened during this time, so long ago.

The Sabbath midrash is not only about Shavuot, this final of the three Spring feasts [moedim], but how so much of what is happening RIGHT NOW in the biggest orchestrated global economic meltdown in history, but also the explicit destruction of most of “western civilization’ and the American republics as well, is literally about as much of a “proof” of the validity of Scripture as could be hoped for.

How do placebo masks, the ‘woman caught in adultery,’ and even the Book of Ruth manage to relate SO specifically to what happened in our history, and is now unfolding all around us, and more so than ever on this special day?

“Shavuot, and a bit of Naso: Idolatary, Big Brother Style”

The combined two-part teaching is here: