Is the Texas border about to escalate into a fiasco?  What are some possible (nefarious) motives for bringing in National Guard units from all over?  Why are military units allegedly being told to prepare for off-grid functionality by Feb. __?  Why are “governmental entities” told to prepare for the “worst weather imaginable” by Feb. __?  What is the alleged reason why Israel is denying all medical aid to Gaza/Lebanon?  Why does Russia want Alaska back?  Please join Steve and Bonnie as the world sits atop the steep slide into times such as never were – when “the LORD Almighty (will) muster an army for war.” Isa. 13:4  “Here am I; send me.” ~Isaiah

(Some authors below do not distinguish between Brother Judah and the Matthew 23 leaders.  Please disregard anything inflammatory or non-discerning.)


“Dirty blood syndrome” coined by embalmers, “coffee grounds” in blood:

Embalmers find “strange blood clots” in vaxxed:

And it gets worse – FDA waives “informed consent”:


Did Ukraine just shoot down a transport jet carrying Ukrainian POW’s destined for exchange?  Russia urges UN investigation:

via Patriot Missiles?:

Civil War

TX/NM border crisis article from Oct ’23:

Border Patrol cut through razor wire, help illegals to enter:

Supreme Court allows Fed to cut wire:

Texas continues to bear the brunt of open borders, pledges to fight on:

Texas reps to national Republican convention had pushed right to secede:

Texas sets up additional razor wire despite Supreme Court ruling:

Uh-oh.  Now TX Gov. Abbott says feds have “broken the compact with the states”:

OK might send Natl Guard troops to aid TX:

Biden – I’ll punish TX; Abbott – bring it on:

Political divide between genders?:

Trucker envoy header to TX border:

25-26 of states join TX:!/ccomment-page=2

FL/OK to send Natl Guard troops to TX:


UK warns citizenry of possible draft:

Israel’s Econ. & Industry Minister, Nir Barkat,  set sights on Iran:

Synagogue of Satan & Co.

Mary/Miriam, mother of Yeshua, is called “prostitute who cheated”:

US involved in attack on Gaza:

Many Israeli leaders, fearing for existence of Israel, request Netanyahu’s removal:

Debauched take over

New justice minister of Poland, a gay activist, announces impending criminalization of perversion/gender-mutilation ideologies:

 Anarchists receive $10 million from Seattle for injuries received during Antifa/BLM riots:

So. Africa v. Israel

Hague rules against Israel, no teeth:;

“Satan is the good guy” lie

Satan to world, “Poor me.  I’ve been misrepresented:

Who is the bi-sexual creator, Viviene Medrano?:

Financial Collapse

Euro. Cent. Bank seeks to monitor social media for signs of bank runs:


WHO/WEF push for acceptance of “treaty”:

Oh, boy.  Even coffee drinking is coming under the microscope of the carbon delusionals:

Harai – Your rights do not “emanate from God,” no more rights than jellyfish:


Argentina’s Milei an imposter?:


Trump an imposter?:

Once again, Trump calls upon reinforcements:

Amy Coney Barrett, a

Just for Fun:

Trying to tell goats (arrogant leftists?) anything: