Force majeure was called today – by whom?  How will this affect us?  What does the timing of this bode for September?  How long will it take to commence sacrifices once Israel gets permission to re-establish the Temple?  Is the US going to war?  What occurrences both here and in Europe would support such a conclusion?  Who assures us that a “second pandemic” is coming?  Was the “trial” for baby/toddler jabs scientific?  Same question re adults.  What would happen if Biden’s election were de-certified?  If Roe v. Wade is overturned?  Is this country being manipulated toward ____?  Is there any connection between overseeing the use of DDT in swamps in WWII Europe and becoming the head of the US post-war anti-polio effort?  Pfizer told the European Medical Agency that ____ percent of the vaccine contents would remain undisclosed.  And so much more.  Please join me, Bonnie, for a look into our present-mirroring-our-past re the attempted manipulation of mankind, rescued only by our Wonderful, Merciful Savior.

Danish Fauci admits vaccinating kids was "a mistake", in hindsight – as US parents prepare to force their kids to vaccinate. from conspiracy

World Health Organization Study concludes risk of suffering Serious Injury due to COVID Vaccination is 339% higher than risk of being hospitalised with COVID-19

German Minister of Health denouncing the unjabbed (using the sungod-heil-hitler arm??):

Dr. Birx admitting the jab hype was hopium, not science (and so many ended or ruined lives):

Message to Putin?:

Putin colonel Vadim Zimin who carried Russian president’s nuclear codes found dead at home

How many in society are manipulated:

Great summary of jabs and their effects (5 1/2 min., fast-paced):

50% of ingredients no divulged:  (Please download Telegram; search for Telegram for the app is so helpful that there are many imposters – to hide the real one?)

Gates spreads polio across Africa:

This is a squirrely link, please copy-paster-go.  Horrific condition in US prior to public health, graphs showing that public health, NOT vaccines, eradicated disease:

Prof. Desmet, Ph.D., on the largest mass formation manipulation in history (very informative, under 3 min):

NATO pokes Russia over Kaliningrad: