Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for a two-part look at the parsha from the Book of Exodus, B’shalach (Ex. 13:17 through chapter 17), that includes perhaps the most famous miracle in Scripture, the ‘parting of the Red Sea’ (or, arguably, Sea of Reeds.)

The Erev Shabbat reading includes far more than just a major miracle:

Which is exactly where the Sabbath day midrash begins.

Those who saw one of the greatest miracles in history still managed to miss most of the story.

And the repeated prophecies and parallels in Scripture suggest that we may see the rhyme. And this time, we have a major advantage: we have the Written Word, and may be able to avoid some of the pitfalls so many then failed to.

“B’shalach: Pharaoh, Big Brother, and the Real Master of War”

The combined two-part teaching is here: