Is war with Russia, China, et al, imminent?  Why has Russia spent all summer warning the US re involvement in the Ukraine.  Why has the US only doubled down in effort, munitions, promises, manpower, intelligence, and now Raptors to Poland?  Why is the same happening with China concerning Taiwan?  What did the Chechen Spetsnaz leader mean when he said that everyone who fights with Russia is the “army of Jesus” who are preparing to fight the army of ______.  Why would Congress even discuss funding AI chips?  What is CERN’s purpose?  Why has our global weather so intensified?  Please join Steven and Bonnie for a glimpse into our near future when sinners seek death and volunteers in the Army of the Lion seek the lost.

History of central banks, Federal Reserve:

Covid to be used as a cover for impending collapse:

Need cover for corruption/theft:

Chechen Spetsnaz, “NATO is the army of the antichrist; Russia the army of Jesus”:

I would say “some in the Vatican created Islam,” I would not offend Catholics who love Jesus/Yeshua:

How The Catholics Created Islam

Future of all nations?  Chinese homes raided and sent to camps:

UK leader, “Bodies of deceased infants going straight to crematoria.”  To hide evidence?  Has Satan gone a block too far?”:

UK Communist Party member given WHO Chair of Behavioral Science:

Not to be outdone, Facebook hires ex-CIA as “content moderators”:

Google engineer fired for arguing that AI had feelings:

Chess-playing robot breaks boy’s finger: