The once ‘united States of America’ was never intended to have a king. George Washington made the point by refusing to stand for re-election after two terms.

Now, elections are pretty clearly superfluous. And so is the ‘oath’ taken before a God of the Bible that those who stole the election not only don’t believe, but openly hate.

Mark begins by asking a question that will hopefully put a LOT of ‘current events’ — and what we need to be thinking and praying about — into perspective:

Did the Russians know just how evil Stalin was? (Whether they could say so out loud, or not.) How about the Chinese under Mao? And yes, AmeriKa today under the Imposter-in-Chief.

And even in ancient Israel. What did the people who lived under an evil, Baal-worshiping pagan king like Ahab think? Why does the Bible really not say much at all about what they thought, or did.

The answers speak volumes.