Is it time for judgment upon the US?  As a nation, have we engaged into the sins of Balaam?  Should we believe leaders who err without apology? What do graphs of total deaths from a vaccine reveal about the Covid shot?  about athlete deaths? Was there a known cure at the same time time the Covid shots were granted “Emergency Use Authorization”? What did the CEO of EcoHealth say regarding the profit involved in the Covid shot? Will Americans soon be in detainment camps? Who is the “greatest” domestic threat? Can a showdown with Russia be avoided?  What would such avoidance entail?  What is the result of the talks this week between Russia and NATO/US? Should we be concerned? Does Jer. 50 offer any hope for “mystery Babylon”? What word did Jim Staley receive yesterday morning? (Is it from the LORD? ask Father about this)  Is America about the enter the final judgment for the sinful, but release of the children of Rachel?   Please join Bonnie for a view of possible impending judgment.

Graph of deaths of jabbed v. unjabbed:

Veritas discloses EcoHealth acceptance of gain-of-function research:

Covid lies by Walensky:

Article and graph of athlete adverse reactios:

Harassment of soldiers re jab:

Israel faces a 4th jab:

Vaeritas shows Ivermectin and Hq known to be curative:

Hospital paid $100k for deceased Covid patient:

Training to kill citizens:

Chinese Covid camp:

Small Chinese children sent to Covid camps:

No jab, no ATM access:

WA State leads into the abyss:

Pathethic Chinese detainment in tunnels:



Above Jim Staley.  I had doubts but opened it and approached with open mind.  Take it to the Lord in prayer.  Is judgment imminent?