Agendas 2021 and 2030 are Action Plans for what?  In Brazil, what must I do to my child in order to continue receiving welfare?  The new right-wing government in Israel promises generous _____ for the ultra-Orthodox, segregate ____, legalize “refusal of service” based upon ____.  The Russian Duma wants to declare ___.  Depleted ____ will be loaded into NATO tanks in Ukraine, which, if used, will be regarded as declaration of ____ war by Russia.  A proposed new law in Florida would criminalize ____, with a prison exposure of 5 years.  Please join Steve and Bonnie for a glimpse at the early construction of the political/electronic infrastructure of the 8th and final beast empire.


Chemical Attacks on US

Plane goes down: 2.22; 5 environmental scientists headed for E Palestine: 2.23

Independent scientist says uncontrolled burn in Ohio: 2.23

Particulates fall from air east of Ohio:

Ohio – carcinogens spreading:

Researcher: E. Palestine was inside job:



Wrong vaxx “by mistake”: 2.23

SIDS=SADS=adverse vaxx reactions: 2.18

US military suffering from forced vaxxes:

Spike protein in middle of turbo cancers: 2.23

CDC sent kill batches to red states: 2.24

CDC admits 5% of batches responsible for 100% of deaths:

Graphic warning! Vaxxed blood pouring from an incision: 2.25

France – no more C19 vaxxes: 3.1


Agenda 2030

Funny, informative talk re understanding Agenda 2030, 2050 et al:

Astro, affordable robot for home: 2.23

Concerned Meta developer, “Project’s taken a dark turn.”: 2.25

DEW weapons to “clear” rural housing: 2.25

Virtual life – Columbian court held in Metaverse:

Moderna paid Fauci-run organization $400 million in C19 jab royalties: 2.26

This food label means bugs: 3.1


Final Beast Empire

Brazil – imprison vaxx refuses:

Spain decriminalized bestiality: 2.25

Life of “crime” in a 15-minute city: 2.25

Cleveland to be 15-min city: 2.26

Developers to incorporate human brain cells into AI programs:

Brazil – vaxx kids to receive welfare:

Horrific effects of 5G:  2.27

RSV vaxx approved:



Example of Ukrainian war cities: 2.23

17% of Ukrainian report loss of loved one:



Same group in Israel as in America being identified as non-obeyers:

Jews in both Israel and New York protest against Netanyahu’s judicial “reform”:;;

War breaking out in Samaria – settlers v Arabs:

JPost arguing in favor of judicial “reforms”:

JPost calls for “publicity” chief:

Handmaiden’s Tale synopsis:

Israeli women protest public segregation, other “reforms”:

Why are Israelis in Samaria burning Arab homes?: https://t.meAgai/hnaftali/4681 2.27

Beta test? “Sidewalk closed to women” in Tel Aviv:

Can men and women pray together at the Wall?:

Netanyahu threatens force re protesting nation:

Netanyahu and Lapid exchange charges creating near anarchy in Israel:

Arabs say war declared against Jews in Samaria:

No such thing as settler violence v. criminal rampage:

What will far-right rule look like?:

Rabbis want civil war?:



N Korea threatens to declare war on US: 2.24

China proposes peace deal over Ukraine/Russia:

Russia/Iran to exchange fighter jets for support:

30 second video showing NATO expansion toward Russia since 1986: 3.1

NATO agrees that Ukraine shall become member: 2.28

Lebanese men to join Russian army?:

Zelensky wants US troops (and they will die) “because this is NATO”: 2.28

This is what Zelensky wants for US troops.  Some are just hunks of flesh:

NDAA demands women register for draft:

Russian troops entering Bakhmut:

American troops being decimated by our own government?!:

AIDS/VAIDS in military increases over 500%:

Iran ready to sell its ports to China:  2.28

Iranian ships allowed to dock in Brazil:

Putin signs order discontinuing nuclear arms treaty with US:

Massive 2-front attack on Ukr by Russia?:

Duma calling for declaration of war:


Category:  Unthinkable

Shumann Resonance (quake precursor) at insane levels in CA:

Quake WILL happen Mar. 7  +/- 3 days says same astrophysicist:


Download One for Israel prayer pamphlet:

Just for Fun. Ever see a moose shed it’s horns?: 2.27