How bad is the Ohio derailment?  The movie, “White Noise,” was filmed in part near or in _____, using extras from _____.  Pediatricians are paid extra to ____ children.  Was Covid fear the product of staged horror?  Have the X-Files prediction been accurate thus far?  Trump plans to do WHAT if elected for a second term?! Russian Northern Fleet sails with ___ aboard for first time in 30 years.  Why all the protests in Israel? Is Netanyahu and far-right coalition set to set up a “religious theocracy”?  Is the school curriculum being changed in Israel?  If so, why?  What would happen to the authority of  the secular courts?  What is understood by the term “Jewish Torah”? Was Netanyahu prophesied to “bring in Talmudic law to Israel”?  If so, by whom?  What effect would a “religious theocracy” based up upon “Jewish Torah” have upon women? Does the overwhelming majority of our Jewish brothers and sisters want this abrupt change in governance?  Please join Steve and Jana ben Nun and Bonnie for brief look into our possible global government.


Ohio Chernobyl

Ohio derailment worse than msm telling:
Ohio more:

Deliberate?  Some residents of Palestine, Ohio, we extras in movie, “White Noise,” about a toxic derailment:  2.14

Western embassies in Turkey evacuated PRIOR to earthquake:

Ohio derailment, dead pets, chickens, toxic for undetermined length of time, toxins over wider area than though:

Ohio River contaminated: 2.13

Ohio River, national treasure: 2.13

Dead chickens, Ohio: 2.14

Excellent overview of Ohio Chernobyl:

4 simultaneous derailments: 2.14

Another derailment with toxic chemicals, Detroit, Thursday, Feb. 16:

Train co. Offers $25k, or $5/person, for damages?: 2.13

Workers is space suits tell citizens all is safe: 2.14

Incredible preshadowing of Ohio disaster by “White Noise” movie, released only 70 days previous, the same location of derailment, and E Palestine residents as extras: 2.15




FDA speaks directly with Pfizer and fast tracks their approval requests: 2.5

Vaxx is progeria drug?!: 2.9

C19 jab put on schedule of normal vaccines by CDC:

Germany excess deaths sky rocket with 4, 5, 6th shots: 2.10

2016 paper by Fauci says gene injections for respiratory diseases don’t work and CANNOT work: 2.11

Red states twice the adverse reactions as blue – intentionally poisoning conservatives?: 2.11

The more vaxxes babies get, the higher the risk of SIDS: 2.12

U of Rochester paid parents $900 to allow them to jab their child 1 yr before EUA obtained:

Kickbacks to pediatricians for vaxxed kids; price on heads of infants:

14.5% overall increase in mortality of the vaxxed:

Covid fear stoked by theater: 2.15

Lack of rigorous trials re childhood vaccines: 2.13

Spike “chews a hole in the aorta”: 2.13



Amphibious drone destroys Odessa bridge: 2.10

Ukrainian draft boards go to ski lifts to “recruit”: 2.12

Ukraine army to “scorch and burn” Bakhmut upon withdrawal to hide the fleeing soldiers from the oncoming Russians:

Weapons consumption by Ukr exceeds NATO production: 2.13

Draft board in streets of Odessa: 2.14



College student expelled and arrested by police for saying only 2 genders: 2.10

Twitter took this down; what Canada’s digital ID will be like: 2.10

X Files – genetic modification, CRISPR cas9, failed immune systems as prelude to terrible pandemic:

X Files, alien invasion:

What happens when Food Stamps end or severely cut? (March):

Sen. Kennedy answering questions re alien invasion briefing, what walks behind them in the red top: 2.14



Trump – let’s have group executions, beheadings?:

Pandemics Planned 2020-2030

Marburg, next pandemic of choice?:

Back-to-back pandemics 2020-2030:

Ebola coming?: 2.13


Full Autopilot by Tesla

Horrifying 30-second video re Tesla real-lifebtests:



Ships loaded with tactical nukes hits seas, first time in 30 years:

State Dept warning – Americans, leave Russia NOW:

NATO signs plans to fight on more than one front – China, Russia?:

All Russian media to live broadcast Putin’s speech on Feb. 21:



Allegations of racism:

Fewer women in Knesset:

Even some/many ? rabbis concerned:

Who is the new Minister of National Security, Itamar ben Gvir?:



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