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Dr. Richard Ruhling is a physician who served as public health missionary in Africa. Upon his return, Dr. Ruhling taught at Loma Linda University where he discovered how proper eating can reverse most diseases. His passion to heal others is only equaled with his fervor for Biblical truth.

Speaker/Author in Holistic Health and Bible Prophecy topics.

Best Sellers:¬†Exodus 2: A Christian Patriot’s Answer to the Coming Civil War – Fight or Flight?, Behold a White Horse: The Blood Moon at Passover, 2014 a Sign of Judgment, Wake Up America: How to Survive without Guns, Money or Rapture, Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor

7th Seal is the Godhead–More Than You Think–Time to Be a Berean!

The Godhead may be understood from the things that are made, Romans 1:20
We are made in Their image and likeness, male and female. Gen 1:26,27
Jerusalem above is the Mother of us all, Gal 4:26. The Daughter of Jerusalem was Blasphemed in Isaiah 37:22,23.
She is Messiah’s Sister in Song of Songs 5:2; She is “One like the Son of Man with paps (female breasts) Rev 1:13
These are a few texts glossed over by 99.9% of Christians, Do we live by every Word of God? Matt 4:4. Listen to the audio!

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