White House Issues Dire Covid Warning for Fall, But “In God We Trust”?

“Unfolding events are not just a quirk of nature’s wrath. From the “Gain of Function” studies funded by Fauci in China to government mandates for a shot that failed animal trials but OK’d for “Emergency Use,” we’ve seen media cover up the negatives to promote the shot for Biden’s Billion while a few honest physicians have risked reputation, licenses or jobs to speak out in spite of misinformation slander as media cater to a majority who are unwilling to go against job loss,” says Richard Ruhling, retired MD who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University.

Ruhling cites our money’s message, “In God We Trust,” but most people trust the money god. He says we are coming to a time of judgment and separation for those who trust God and heed His call to come out of confused systems called Babylon that includes medical care in Revelation 18 where the Greek word, pharmakeia, “deceives all nations.” (verse 23)

People like medical care because of symptomatic relief—they can eat, drink, smoke or abuse ourselves into medical bondage but still be okay with a pain-free early death, says Ruhling who at 80, offers medical references on his site, http://LeadingCauseOfDeathPrescriptionDrugs.com

The reference to pharmakeia that deceives all nations is not just an odd reference at the end of the Bible. All references to “physicians” in the King James Bible have a negative context, starting with Genesis 50 where physicians did the embalming, probably due to losing so many patients.

Job linked physicians to lying and Christ healed a woman who spent all her money on physicians and was no better. The pool of Bethesda had a crowd of lame, blind, weak, impotent people that waited in vain for an angel to stir the water so the first one into the pool would be healed.

That was a myth, but so is our pool of Bethesda, home of National Institutes of Health, were our taxes are pooled for drug research, in most cases for conditions from what we put in our mouths, says Ruhling who was board-certified in Internal Medicine and should know.

He says God designed the body for self-healing. Cuts and burns heal. Most diseases are reversible if we eat a plant-based diet that was found to give 73% less Covid severity in a study of 500+ healthcare workers, reported in the British Medical Journal.

Dr. Colin Campbell, Professor of Nutrition at Cornell who collaborated with Oxford University in the China Study, summarized less cancer, better health in four words, “whole foods, plant-based.” In God we trust?

Daniel risked his life for a plant-based diet when he opted out of government healthcare in his book’s first chapter that Christ said to understand when He was asked about the end of the world.

Christ also said, “as the days of Noah”—it was a “9-11” warning from Numbers 9, verses 10,11 that provided for Passover a month later for contact with a dead body, but by May, 2023, millions may have contact with a dead body from covid because the shot dumbs down the immune system but does not prevent infection or death. 90% of deaths in UK were fully vaccinated.

Ruhling continues: “Let’s encourage our media and CDC to tell the truth and stop the cover-up. We need natural immunity, not from pharma, but from eating wisely, as shown in an 8-minute introduction on plant-based eating explained by Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Esselstyn telling how most diseases are reversible.” It’s on his website, https://healthhappinessdestiny.com/blog-2/