“Woe to them with child and give suck” shows need for advance warning. Children burden mother before school age. Joseph’s 7-yr warning fits “court week” but we are failing to warn the world of the time of impending judgment (Rev 14:7) as Ellen White said in 4BC 1184.8.’ These 7 events in 2015 were a 7-year warning–the first of three timelines: 1. Joel 2:31 signaled “day of the Lord” with a rare solar eclipse 2. and blood moon on Passover–all of these signs were 2015 3. Iran Nuclear Treaty was “Peace and safety” take, 1Thes 5:2,3 4. HELM (Homeland Eradication of Local Militants) gun grab in Texas. 5. Gay marriage, an abomination in Supreme Court, Mark 13:14 6. Pope in Congress (holy place where laws are made is like law in the holy place of temple) Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14; Revelation 17:5. 7. The San Andreas movie had scenes like Ellen White’s vision re which she named Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside in total destruction (White Estate has document of eye witnesses.) ‘Buildings great and small were falling to the ground …Many lives were blotted out…It seemed that the Judgment day had come.” Testimonies for the Church, Vol 9, p 92. She linked it to “the day of the Lord” signaled by #1-3 above and she cited Zeph 1:8 A 2nd timeline is seen in the parallel between Egypt and the US. Egypt enslaved Israel. The US has enslaved most people in negative lifestyles. Egypt threw babies in the river. The US has thrown 62 million in the trash since Roe v Wade. The Exodus was a jubilee event when God executed judgment on Egypt and jubilee came on the 50th year. 50 years from Roe v Wade is 2023. ‘You must prophesy again’ is key to high destiny. A 3rd timeline is seen in Joel 1:3,4,15. “The day of the Lord is at hand” in the context of four generations. A generation is 40 yrs in Heb 3:9,10. 4 x 40=160 years. The SDA Church organized in 1863. 2023 may mean end of GC corp. as 7 hospitals fall, 9T 92. Please visit https://TheBridegroomComes.wordpress.com & get MegaQuake 2023 @ bottom of the 1st article; It’s $2.99—it’s high value (more on 144,000 + a video link you’ll love. The video showing how most disease is reversible by Dr Essestyn is $9.79 on Amazon + $4 postage, but you get the link w book Email Ruhling7@juno.com for questions or discuss, God bless