Audio reading: Lev 24:1-11, Judges 21:1-21 ,Ruth 1:22, John 4:4-42, Ps 105:1-15 Prov 14:25,

In the first half of the program, we do a deep dive into the book of Ruth. The story of Ruth and Naomi is a parallel portrait of the Church and Israel. The book of Ruth is an analogy of what the relationship between the church and Israel should be. The Ruth part of the church has a revelation of God’s plans and purposes for Naomi, that is, for Israel.  Today the church, in a spirit of Ruth, needs to wrap our arms around Israel, our Naomi, and tenderly care for her by praying for her fervently, and blessing her in whatever way we can.

To go deeper on this topic, listen to Sharon Sanders teach on this. Go to:
The Call of Ruth Pt 1

The Call of Ruth Pt 2

The the second half of our program, listen in on this 25-minute interview where Bonnie Harvey interviews me about   my recent 6-week trip to Israel. I was on an assignment: complete the project started for Christian Friends of Israel.

What was the project?  Launch an internet-based radio station with content-rich teachings on the centrality of Israel in God’s end-time plans and the important role of the Jewish people in those plans. I was there to live and work in Jerusalem for 6 weeks. Truly the LORD ordered my steps as many great connections were made! Check it out at:

Listen in to this GOOD REPORT about the land of Israel!