Today, we meet Pastor Carl of Church on the Rock, in Florence Oregon and his two Israeli guests, Buddy and Natalie D. Buddy and Natalie are from Misgav Am, a Kibbutz on the Northernmost border of Israel overlooking Lebanon. Since the war broke out on Oct 7, more than 130,000 Israelis have been evacuated from the northern Kibbutz communities and have been living in hotels or with family or friends. We learn more about Zechariah’s Hope, an outreach ministry to Misgav Am since 2006.

How has the war affected the residents of this Kibbutz? How are the residents coping with being displaced from their homes for more than 6 months? Why should Christians stand with and support Israel? How can churches get involved with showing the love of God in a tangible, practical way to the residents of the Kibbutz communities in  Northern Israel? Listen in and find out more!

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