The Vero Essene Yahad is back, and takes up the writings of psychotherapist M. Scott Peck for a deep look into human evil.

Part 1 features a discussion of blatant evil as experienced by the doctor through psychotherapy – to such an extent that the patient’s face, body and speech becomes grotesque, with a viperous appearance.  Selections from Peck’s People of the Lie are read by the author and illuminated by Yahad divines.

Part 2 examines mass /corporate evil through the example of the My Lai Massacre of 1968, an operation in which American Armed Forces were sucked into a vortex of evil and subsequently murdered a host of the elderly and children in Vietnamese villages.  I remember this well.

Part 3 is further discuss on these topics and a few others.  I will but Parts 2 & 3 up as soon as possible.

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