The apostle (rabbi) Paul cited the Exodus as an example for us at the end of the world in 1Corinthians 10:1,11.

God “executed judgment” on Egypt for enslaving Israel and throwing their babies in the river. The US is worse than Egypt, throwing 62 million babies in the trash and enslaving most in alcohol, tobacco, drugs and negative lifestyles.

God is going to “execute judgment” on the US and those wise virgins who understand their need of a covenant will make it based on 7 topics of unleavened bread (doctrines, Matt 16:12) that include an understanding of the covenant and what Y’shua wants from us. It also includes the statutes and judgments as seen in Mal 4:4,5 and we discuss this in this audio with a 2nd 25-minute segment to follow on Hebrew Nation Radio tell your friends they can see this one on YouTube here,   Please email any questions on the information or topic to  and I will try to answer in the next broadcast. Thank You!