I depart from the reading of scripture this week to share with you an explosive report with critical intel that you need to know now! Doug Hagmann brings on Steve Quayle and Jamie Waldon. Waldon has extensive military service background and has explosive insider intel on the TRUE status and current condition of the United States. You will get a birds-eye view of the BIG PICTURE!

Most people do not understand that the US has already fallen to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In a Trojan horse fashion, for the last 30 years they have infiltrated from within: the media, Hollywood, Big Tech, Governors, Senators and Congressmen, the Military (at the highest echelon). How long before the final taking of the US through a military attack?  This is a MUST LISTEN report!

It originally aired at HagmannReport.com on Jan 5, 2023

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