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The earthquake that initiates the end-time “day of the Lord” (a 7-year period of judgment with 7 trumpets and 7 vials) is encoded as a “knock” in Revelation 3:20–that’s how the ancient church of Laodicea ended. Laodicea means “people in a time of judgment” and that lukewarm materialistic church typifies western Christianity and it ended in an earthquake circa 63 AD. Type and antitype for US and us!

The earthquake is also encoded as a ‘lion’s roar’ in Rev 6:1 and 10:3. “The Lord shall roar…the heavens and earth shall shake” (Joel 3:16) when God “will shake terribly the earth.” Isa 2:12,21. Both passages are about when “the day of the Lord” begins. Please share with your ‘Schindler’s List’–people who want to be spared!