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The Bride of Messiah in Daniel–the Book Recommended by Y’shua in Matt 24:15


This first 25 minutes is a view of Daniel 1-6. It begins with Daniel’s wise refusal of government healthcare in Daniel 1. Daniel 2 offers insights on how the Stone Kingdom is NOT about the 2nd coming–the Stone is cut out of a mountain, several clues!

Daniel 3 is about the image also seen in Rev 13:14-18–false worship–the UN New World Order will compel it and we can see it coming.

Here’s a video link to share with friends who missed the audio,

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Richard Ruhling is MD, MPH, board-certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiolgoy Fellowship and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. His interest in prophecy dates to 1986 when he attended a conference and learned about God's name, Y'shua, feast days and jubilee. He believes "the day of the Lord" will begin in 2023 with Muslim's taking Jerusalem (Zech 14:1,2) at Passover followed by the earthquake of Joel 3:16 a month later (2nd Passover as provided in Numbers 9:11 as explained in this series titled "The Bride of Christ." The King makes a marriage for His Son and sends His serviants to bid others to the wedding. Please invite others to this series (Matt 22:2-10. Readiness for impending events has the highest reward in Luke 12:35-44. Are we serious about what is so important to Y'shua that He is giving us so much--"to whom much is given, much is required" verse 48. Please join us!

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