Skip Moen joins us for the last in a series of discussions on the hot topic of women’s role design and function!

Okay, so, for the last few months we have been listening to various voices on this topic; Keisha Gallagher, Pastor Matthew Nappier, Chief Joseph and Laralynn Riverwind and for the final installment on this series, Skip Moen!

Please see the links in order to tap into the previous shows. I sure hope you have been blessed by these messages of clarity!

A new series is starting! I am again unpacking the 12 steps of recovery and am so excited to bring to you a co host for this series! My childhood friend and former “partner in crime”, P. Grace! She and I will be sharing our experience, strength and hope in the months to come. I will also be bringing on other guests to discuss various aspects of healing and recovery, so stay tuned!

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Woman’s Role Design and Function with The Riverwinds!

Healing for the Nations with A Modern Day Samaritan Woman


Healing for the Nations With A Modern Day Samaritan Woman


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