Women’s Design and Function with Guest Kisha Gallagher Part 2

Join host Laura Lee as she and Kisha Gallagher discuss the very important topic of how Yahweh created women to function in their roles as both ezer kenegdo and Eishet Chayil…

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Music donated by Baht Rivkah Whitten



Join us next week as I interview Juliet VanHeerden, author of Same Dress Different Day and her new book, a story of overcoming same sex attraction, the Father’s amazing grace and love…hope you join us! shalom!

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Parashah 18: Mishpatim (Rulings) Exodus 21:1-24:18/Jeremiah 34:8-22:33:25-26/Matt 5:38-42, 15:1-20/Mark 7:1-23/Acts23:1-11/Hebrews9:15-22;10:28-39