Exploring What the Noahides & Jews Themselves Teach about This Doctrine

PT 2 of our look at the Noahide Laws Doctrine.  When attempting to support our position on any topic and shed light on the opposing position we always try to go directly to what the other side teaches and promotes for accurate information rather than going to the websites of those who agree with our position.

That is what we do on today’s program which will be continued next week as well.  We give you website addresses and quotes from those websites of Jewish educators who are analyzing or teaching the Noahide Doctrine as well as actual Noahide organizational websites and their published positions.  We encourage you to visit these website and study further for yourselves in order to see firsthand exactly what is being taught and promoted regarding the application of the 7 Noahide Laws or so-called rules for all humanity.

WE ARE NOT ANTI-SEMITIC.  Citing scripture we also debunk the claim that all those who speak out against the Noahide Laws are anti-semetic.  Speaking against the Noahide Laws as unbiblical does not make you any more anti-semetic than speaking out against Easter makes you anti-Y’shua.  False is false and false traditions and doctrines need to be exposed biblically for the dangers they may impose.  As Y’shua modeled, the proper way to expose false teachings is by countering ‘it is written’ and then following that statement with scripture in context which supports the true biblical narrative and that is what we seek to do in this program regarding the Noahide Doctrine or Movement.  We are seeking only to expose the dangers this doctrine may entail for believers in Y’shua and how it degrades, minimizes and/or completely does away with what Y’shua actually accomplished on the cross or stake.

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