Updated Revelation Time Chart too!

Let’s get ready for Passover and review just some of the scriptures about this blessed feast!  I’m excited for this Passover, how about you.  Between the first Passover next week and the 2nd Passover a month later we should keep our eyes open for some possible interesting events to take place.  Have your sandals on, your belts cinched and your staffs in your hands you never know what could happen in any given Passover season but this one certainly seems ripe for some kind of scriptural events to BEGIN taking place!  Whether you’ve not celebrated Passover in a biblical sense before or your an old hand we pray this message helps prepare your heart.  At the end we also touch on some changes and additions which we made to our updated Revelation Time Chart which will be uploaded later this week (by Thursday, April 30) to www.HisWordHeals.com .  FREE Modified (for Believers in Y’shua Messiah) Haggadah (guide or outline of events & scripture reading) for Passover Seder (Dinner).